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I'm also an amateur musician.


Trusting your users is hard for you, but good for them
It takes a little extra effort to design your application for your users, but if you trust them, they will trust you back.

Grow great software without getting hung up on the past.
Iterative software development requires the ability to revisit prior decisions without bias.

Using a Database to Store Transient Data.
Transient data isn't something you would normally store, but doing so was helpful to the Off The Clock project.

Communication and Passion Trump Methodology
Even the infamous waterfall model can lead to project success as long as you have dedicated team members that speak to each other.

Finding the Opportunity for Organizational Innovation
Sometimes it takes more than just talking about an idea to gain support for it.

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Off The Clock: phone bill analysis tool
Don't rely on the people who sell you your phone to tell you how to use your phone.