Archives for March, 2009

Finding the Opportunity for Organizational Innovation

I saved myself 27 minutes a week, and it feels great. It may not be a lot, but it was enough to stop a particular task from being a nuisance. I work for a publishing company that uses a homespun CMS. One of the features we built is to allow editors to post polls to [...]

Making Code More Readable: An Arduino Example

After I wrote about why you should make your code more readable, I decided to take a snippet of code that I had just thrown together and rewrite it so that its purpose was clearer. The code is from a project that a friend and I built to help us learn about developing for the [...]

Writing Empathetic Code

When you read an article on programming, most of the code samples are deliberately contrived. But the best samples have a common element: function and variable names very clearly describe their purpose. That’s not a coincidence. The code is written so that someone reading it can figure out what it does. But I’m guessing your [...]

How to take a break when programming

There’s already a good amount of discussion out there about the need to take breaks to give your body – eyes, wrists, back, etc. – a rest, but not much about how to properly take a break without it messing with your flow. A lot of programmers seem to be in touch with the idea [...]

Programming is hard. Discipline, also hard.

It’s really, really easy to be lazy. If you’re primed to be lazy – and I think most programmers are – then all you need is a little push in the right direction. Or the wrong direction. If you can find any excuse to take the easy way out, you probably will. What they found, [...]