Archives for April, 2009

Using a Database to Store Transient Data

The Motivation Off The Clock was initially built to analyze phone usage data pulled from a database, but I also wanted to be able to analyze transient data. Storing transient data in a database is a great way to accomplish this; it allows the analysis code to treat the transient data as if it were [...]

Choose a Language by Focusing on the Right Information

One of our development team’s current projects is porting our network of web sites from Classic ASP to ASP.NET. All of our current scripts and apps are written in VBScript (of course), so when switching to ASP.NET, the obvious choice is to use VB.NET, right? I mean, our team already knows VB syntax and, as [...]

Communication and Passion Trump Methodology

In one of my most memorable software projects, our team maintained a strong focus on documentation, and it definitely paid off. The five of us knew ahead of time that there would be only one version of the application, and the development time frame was relatively short (8 months of part-time development), so we followed [...]